There are several key reasons why our customers make their choice in favor of Synapsoft.
  • 1. As one of the best professional word processing solution companies in Korea, we have the best technical skills and know-how which have been
        accumulated for the past 10 years.
  • 2. Including the document filters, convertors and the web offices, we have our own core technologies related to the document processing work.
  • 3. We have the fast and stable solutions that have been proven their performances by our main customers, such as NAVER, DAUM, SamSung
        Electronics Co., Ltd., KT Corporation, etc.

  • We are the professional corporation which is specialized in electronic document processing solutions
    - Document filtering, Abstracting the key words from documents, document summarization, document classification
    - Document Viewing (Server/Client), Document Conversion (HTML/Image) - WebOffice (NAVER word/Cell/Slide)

  • We have occupied about 80% of share in the document filtering market specified in the search and security solution field in Korea.

  • Our performance and reliability has been proven by some nation’s leading customer companies, such as NHN, DAUM, SamSung Electronics Co., Ltd., KT Corporation, etc.

  • Accredited qualification and degree of completion by GS’s certification.

2000. 07Registered as the corporation and business operator of ‘Super-Smart Inc.’ 2010. 09Opened the ‘NAVER Word’ service
2001. 02Completed the Synap Next Document Filter v1.1 2010. 11Opened KT Ucloud conversion service
2002. 08Changed the company’s name as ‘Synapsoft Corp.’ 2011. 05Opened DAUM cloud conversion service
2002. 12Opened ‘SynapBrief’, the On-line information gathering service 2012. 05Synap HTML Converter_ has obtained the GS’ certification
2003. 09Released Synap Next Document Filter_ v3.0 2012. 03Synap Document Filter_2012 SW has been designated to the export mentoring support business
2003. 11Established and certified the affiliated technology institute of Synapsoft Corp. 2013.01Released App. of ‘Synap File Manager.’
2004. 01Being designated as a venture enterprise (SME fund) 2013. 01Made a winning contract of intra-office webmail supplier with KDB(the Korea Development Bank).
2005. 07Certified as a technical innovation enterprise (INNO-BIZ) 2013. 06Designated Synap Document Filter_2013 as the supporting business for export typed SW commercialization.
2007. 01Completed the development of Synap Next HTML Converter_ v1.0 2013. 09Released Synap HTML Converter 2013
2007. 08Opened Synap Pulse, the speed measurement service of websites 2013. 09Made a winning supplier contract of ‘Edunet’ with Korean Education & Research Information Service(KERIS).
2008. 04Developed the Document Conversion System for mobile devices 2013. 09Designated as the development business of web editor supporting document knowledge for cross browsing in order to be applied to mobile environment
2009. 02Officially opened “Synap”, the search service for huge size of document 2013. 09Designated as one of the best companies to be employed
2009. 07Completed Synap Next, the document conversion server 2014. 01Designated as a beginner export company in the area of Export Capability Enhancing Business
2009. 08Opened “Ohbingo”, the shopping price comparison search service 2014. 01Made a winning supplier contract of the converter for Information Communication Square, the information sharing space in the government website of Seoul City.
2010. 01Opened ‘Beta Service’, the document conversion service 2014. 06Made a winning contract of Synap Office with KCC PMSYS
2010. 03Developed and opened “Mobile Synap” and “Mobile Ohbingo” Alpha Service 2014. 10Made a winning contract of Synap Office for Cloud demonstration project with Ministry of security and public administration
2010. 08Participated in NHN’s share (affiliate) 2014. 10Made a winning contract of Synap Office for Hanmaru (Enterprise Portal) with Halla Corporation.